We work closely with other members of the Environmental Decisions Group at The University of Queensland, including Hugh PossinghamJonathan Rhodes, and Clive McAlpine. We collaborate often with researchers at CSIRO working in particular with Brett Bryan and Ryan McAllister, and our restoration projects in Australia are in collaboration with Carla Catterall at Griffith University and Jacqui England at CSIRO.

In South East Asia we are working with Erik MeijaardMarc AncrenazNicola Abram, and others through our work on land use planning, biodiversity and ecosystem services in Borneo (visit the Borneo project).

In Europe we work with Niels Strange from the University of Copenhagen (Kerrie was an EU funded visiting professor at the University of Copenhagen in 2009-2011 and maintains these connections through her ARC Future Fellowship), and also Örjan Bodin from the Stockholm Resilience Centre. We have also coedited a book with Atte Moilanen and have often collaborated with Luigi Boltani and Carlo Rondinini from the University of Rome.

We have collaborated extensively with researchers from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), working with Lex Hovani and previously with Ian Dutton, Peter Kareiva and Bill Murdoch. Through Kerrie’s involvement in the science committee for Diversitas we have worked with Stephen Polasky, Thomas Elmquist and Belinda Reyers. We have also collaborated with researchers and practitioners at the Irvine Ranch Conservancy in California, where we worked with Megan Lulow, Jutta Burger, Yi-Chin Fang, and also David Olson on restoration planning.

Our funding currently arises from a variety of sources including:

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