Where We Work

Our researchers are currently working on the following projects. Watch this space for more!


Borneo’s tropical ecosystems range from montane rainforests to lowland forests, peat swamps, mangroves and coral reefs. Despite being globally recognised for their high biodiversity, and as a source of livelihood for millions of people, the forests and peatlands of Borneo are threatened by intensive logging, oil palm and timber plantations, mining, agricultural development, and forest fires. Read more


Biodiversity and ecosystem services are declining at unprecedented rates because of human activities. Activities to address this decline must be targeted through the adoption and implementation of effective local, national and international policies. To this end, science needs to provide credible information about spatial and temporal changes in ecosystem services provision and repercussions for human well-being. Read more

gold-coast-city-446964_640-e1496462951498.jpgCity of Gold Coast

Over a quarter of Australia’s native forest and woodlands have been cleared since European settlement, and vegetation restoration is urgently needed to avoid further loss of species and ecosystem services (such as clean air and water). Through a collaborative project with the City of Gold Coast we are developing new theory and methods to help environmental managers allocate restoration funds for vegetation recovery… Read more