Lab Members

Lead researcher

Reasearch Week award winnersProf Kerrie Wilson

Kerrie Wilson is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland. Kerrie is Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions and a key personnel of the National Environmental Science Program Threatened Species Recovery Hub… Read more

Postdoctoral researchers

katrina-davis-e1496338995283.jpgDr Katrina Davis

Dr Katrina Davis commenced at the University of Queensland (UQ) as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in July 2015. Her research investigates optimal use of natural resources to maximise the productivity of human and ecological systems. She is interested in how management costs can be incorporated into spatial planning, and how these costs will affect… Read more

angela-dean-green-e1496340918858.jpgDr Angela Dean

Dr Angela Dean is a quantitative social scientist. Her research focuses on how to promote environmental citizenship within communities. Angela draws on diverse experience as both a researcher and practitioner in the areas of health, science communication, citizen science, and sustainable urban water management. Her research explores: community… Read more

wp_20151204_10_34_28_proDr Micheli Duarte de Paula Costa

I am a marine biologist with research interests encompassing spatial ecology, quantitative marine ecology, climate change, and conservation. My research is characterised by novel integration of multiple disciplines to tackle fundamental questions in marine conservation science. My current research is in collaboration with the Brazilian… Read more

headshot1Dr Angela Guerrero Gonzalez

My overall research interest is the link between social and ecological systems, and how this link affects nature conservation outcomes. My PhD project explored some of the challenges posed by the complex linkages between social and ecological systems, and develop approaches to improve the way social aspects and social-ecological linkages are taken… Read more

Truly SantikaDr Truly Santika (Rintanen)

My research program are in the area of conservation, natural resource management and sustainable landscape. I am interested in both theory and application of landscape analysis.. I have a background in Mathematics (BSc from Bandung Institute of Technology), Statistics and Operations Research (MSc from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University), and Natural Resource Management (PhD from The Australian National University)… Read more

LukeShooDr Luke Shoo

Luke Shoo has worked broadly on the ecology and conservation of forest ecosystems.  Luke has a strong interest in tropical conservation issues and actions to reduce deforestation and restore degraded environments. Luke is a Research Fellow on a collaborative Australian Research Council Linkage project with City of Gold Coast that aims to… Read more

PhD Students

Phoebe work photoPhoebe Stewart-Sinclair

Phoebe Stewart-Sinclair is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. She is interested in applied quantitative ecology with reference to the broad themes of climate change, conservation, and marine restoration. After completing a BSc in Zoology and Ecology, she then went on to complete an Honours and a Masters of Science by research at Massey University in New Zealand. Read more

RachelFriedman_Laos2Rachel Friedman

My research interests broadly centre on the connections between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being within production (agricultural and forestry) landscapes, and the process and outcomes of land management decisions. Cultural, socio-economic, and political factors (and not solely ecological and physical conditions) are critical… Read more

Valerie Hagger2Valerie Hagger

Valerie Hagger is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland. Her research interests include ecological and socioeconomic interactions in ecological restoration, biodiversity conservation and climate change. She has previously published her research on the climate change adaptation… Read more

Oakes_HollandOakes Holland

Hi – my name is Oakes and I am a Brisbane local. I completed both my undergraduate and Masters degrees at UQ and am excited to be undertaking my PhD here under the supervision of Professor Kerrie Wilson and Dr Justine Shaw. I completed a short semester-long project with Kerrie as part of my Masters degree which evaluated the impact… Read more

Courtney_MorgansCourtney Morgans

Courtney is a PhD candidate with the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at the University of Queensland. After completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of New South Wales she began studying a Masters of Philosophy at the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre under the supervision of Dr Terry Ord, Dr Georgina Cooke and Professor… Read more

Blake Alexander SimmondsBlake Alexander Simmons

I am broadly interested in landscape ecology, with a particular interest in the overarching effects of anthropogenic actions on ecological interactions and ecosystem function. Natural habitats are under increasing pressure from urbanization and the expansion and intensification of agricultural lands. As a consequence, numerous species are displaced… Read more

Konrad UebelKonrad Uebel

I am broadly interested in understanding the potential of nature-based solutions to meet multiple challenges pertaining to sustainable urban development, climate change and conservation of biodiversity. Increasingly it is recognized that goals for human development are intertwined with goals in conservation and I’m interested in how the integration of different sectors and engagement of multiple stakeholders can achieve positive outcomes … Read more

julia_van_veldenJulia van Velden

Julia is a South African PhD student with the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University. She is generally interested in socio-ecological systems and sustainable resource extraction. She started her PhD project in 2017, which investigates the spatial and social dynamics of the bushmeat trade in savanna systems of Africa.  She is particularly… Read more

DSC_0160_romeroCristina Romero

Cristina is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. She is particularly interested in people-biodiversity interactions and applied conservation topics. Her research focuses on how to promote wildlife stewardship and conflict sensitive conservation…. Read more

E.SimmonsErik Simmons

I am an International PhD student based out of the School of Psychology, working closely with conservation sciences. My research background is in the behavioural sciences, primarily psychology. Though my current interest is more diverse—I seek mechanisms of best practice for conservation and changing human behaviour in an ecological space… Read more