Project Opportunities

We are currently advertising PhD projects related to the ARC funded Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future project in protected areas planning and environmental stewardship. To apply, you will need to submit an expression of interest at Queensland University of Technology. Please contact for further information on these project opportunities.

Protected area planning

New-map-of-Antarctic-ice-flow-is-the-most-accurate-to-dateAntarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs) are a key element of Antarctica’s terrestrial and marine conservation, but the current network needs revision. We will advance conservation planning tools to help the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties (ATCPs) create a coordinated, continent-wide network of protected areas. Informed by the spatial data-streams we will use systematic conservation planning methods to generate proposals for multilateral networks that satisfy representativeness, adequacy, and equity constraints. Read more

Supporting environmental stewardship


Antarctic conservation requires a negotiated consensus among Parties and can be impeded by competing values and geopolitical motivations. We will use theories and tools from a range of disciplines to better understand the political landscape to better understand the political landscape of the Antarctic Treaty System to progress Australian objectives and improve overall agility in the face of emerging and unexpected threats.