Dr Truly Santika (Rintanen)

Truly SantikaTruly’s research program is in the area of conservation, natural resource management and sustainable landscape. She is interested in both theory and application of landscape analysis and has been involved in several projects in Australia, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa. Truly has worked in close collaboration with academic institutions, governments and non-governmental organizations from different parts of the world, with diverse views and expertise in ecology, environment, economy, and social field.

Truly has a background in Mathematics (BSc from Bandung Institute of Technology), Statistics and Operations Research (MSc from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University), and Natural Resource Management (PhD from The Australian National University).


Truly’s research falls into four main areas:

  • Broad-scale analysis of biodiversity and changes in species distribution. This includes theoretical aspects of species distribution modelling, and the application of distribution model for the conservation of endangered species (i.e. koala and orangutan).
  • Optimization and spatial prioritization for conservation and natural resource management. This includes spatial prioritization of investment for the recovery of koala in Australia and for the Bornean orangutan, and the application of modern portfolio theory to game ranch management in South Africa.
  • Landscape change impacts on ecosystem and human wellbeing. This includes assessment of the impact of land cover and climate change on rural livelihoods and human wellbeing (in multidimensional perspective), and the socioeconomic impact of oil palm expansion in tropical countries.
  • Impact evaluation of biodiversity conservation programs. This includes theoretical aspects of impact evaluation methodologies, assessment of the effectiveness of protected areas in reducing deforestation, and assessment of the role of community forest management in conservation and poverty alleviation.

Adjunct Fellow, The University of Queensland, March 2011 – current

E-Mail:  trulysantika@gmail.com

Selected publications

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