Dr Micheli Duarte de Paula Costa

Micheli is a marine biologist with research interests encompassing spatial ecology, quantitative marine ecology, climate change, and conservation. Her research is characterised by novel integration of multiple disciplines to tackle fundamental questions in marine conservation science. Her research has been conducted in collaboration with the Brazilian Network for Climate Change, where she was investigating the impacts of climate change on the distribution of marine species in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean, and how this will affect spatial priorities for conservation in ecologically significant areas (EBSAs).

Micheli completed her PhD in Biological Oceanography in 2015 through the Federal University of Rio Grande (Brazil) under the supervision of Professor José Henrique Muelbert. As part of her PhD she worked for six months with Professor Hugh Possingham at The University of Queensland to investigate how to incorporate estuarine dynamics and information of different life stages into marine spatial planning.

E-mail: duarte.micheli@yahoo.com.br

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=c3ag0gcAAAAJ&hl=en

Researcher ID: G-9435-2012


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