Erica Csekö Nolasco

I am a PhD candidate looking into increasing the win-win outcomes of private land conservation. Using socio-ecological systems thinking, I aim to encourage pro-environmental behaviour that maximises benefits for human well-being and biodiversity.

My background in Biology (Bsc) and Environmental Sciences (MSc) along with my interest in community involvement makes me believe that integrating people is the best way to solve the environmental crisis. Then, I hope that by following this path I can help bring academic knowledge into practice and strengthen the idea that people are part of nature.

Academic Background

Through my academic years, my efforts yielded me a distinction on my master`s thesis, two first places on admission (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees), and scholarships for exchange studies at Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa (Portugal) and University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States). I am currently a PhD candidate at the Queensland University of Technology being supervised by Dr Ayesha Tulloch, Dr Kerrie Wilson, Dr Angela Guerrero and Dr Geoffrey Kay.

My current interests

Socio-ecological systems, private land conservation, behaviour prioritisation, cost-effectiveness and prioritisation for conservation.