Erik Simmons



Erik is an International PhD student based out of the School of Psychology, working closely with conservation sciences. His research background is in the behavioural sciences, primarily psychology. Though his current interest is more diverse— Erik seeks mechanisms of best practice for conservation and changing human behaviour in an ecological space. Currently, his interest lies in dissecting the interface of human-ecological systems through numerous, different discourses.

Erik is currently working on the integration of psychologically based approaches to mitigate human degradation on the environment and further promote conservation efforts within populations. The nature of his work focuses on the psychological mechanisms of behaviour, social connections, cognitions, and other human factors that may contribute to conservation commitment and practice. His dissertation project focuses on an international, interdisciplinary collaboration within Indonesia. Erik and his team design, construct, implement, and evaluate behaviour change programs as interventions to modify maladaptive behaviour toward marine ecosystems and enhance desirable behaviours. Beyond instilling core psychological competencies, the program primarily focuses on behaviours regarding waste management and the empowerment of women. Further, researchers seek systemic, holistic approaches to improving global issues such as marine degradation through psychological methods and strategies.

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