Konrad Uebel

Konrad UebelKonrad’s interest lies in understanding the potential of nature-based solutions to meet multiple challenges pertaining to sustainable urban development, climate change and conservation of biodiversity. Increasingly it is recognized that goals for human development are intertwined with goals in conservation and he is interested in how the integration of different sectors and engagement of multiple stakeholders can achieve positive outcomes across different platforms.

In particular, his PhD aims to use a case study to assess and map the ecological and social value of green space and green infrastructure within urban and peri-urban limits and its ability to meet multiple challenges. It also aims to further understand different socio-economic and cultural barriers relating to the implementation of successful nature-based urban land-use planning.

Ultimately, it is hoped the project can inform an innovative type of land-use planning that utilizes social-ecological synergies and puts nature-based solutions at the forefront in striving for urban development that simultaneously promotes biodiversity, climate-change action, social-cohesiveness and human well-being.

Konrad’s PhD is supported through an internal University of Queensland Scholarship.

Research Theme

Restoration Prioritisation


City of Gold Coast


Uebel, K., Wilson, K. A. and Shoo, L. P. 2017. Assisted natural regeneration accelerates recovery of highly disturbed rainforest. Ecological Management and Restoration. 18: 231–238. http://doi.org/10.1111/emr.12277