Lachlan Francis

Lachlan was an Honours student working under the supervision of Professor Kerrie Wilson, Dr Justine Shaw (UQ) and Dr Sue Robinson (DPIPWE, Tasmania). He has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) degree majoring in Ecology and Conservation at UQ, and is particularly interested in invasive species on islands.  Lachlan was part of the successful Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project, which inspired him to move from a civil engineering background into conservation science.

Lachlan was working on eliciting the conservation benefits under different feral cat management options on Bruny Island, Tasmania. There are a number of threatened or iconic species which reside on Bruny Island or utilise Bruny Island as part of their migratory cycle. He investigated the benefits each of these species may experience under different feral cat management options. In addition, Lachlan completed fieldwork surrounding rodent abundance on Bruny Island at a number of sites, to determine if seabird and/or cat presence may affect rodent abundance. This information could then be used to revisit the conservation benefits for each threatened species, and whether the resolution of uncertainty affects the conservation benefits experienced by the nominated species.