Dr Luke Shoo

Luke Shoo works on the ecology and conservation of forest ecosystems.  Luke has a strong interest in tropical conservation issues and actions to reduce deforestation and restore degraded environments. He was a Research Fellow on a collaborative Australian Research Council Linkage project with City of Gold Coast aiming to develop new methods to help environmental managers allocate restoration funds for vegetation recovery. Luke was also a key researcher on a collaborative Caring for Our Country ‘Mobilising Landholders’ project working to restore habitat and connectivity in the upland rainforests of the Wet Tropics including experimental conversion of pasture to rainforest which received a Climate Adaptation Champions award in 2012 from the National Climate Change Adaptation and Research Facility.

Research Fellow, The University of Queensland, November 2010 – 2018

Current Address:

School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland
St. Lucia, QLD 4072, Australia

E-mail: l.shoo@uq.edu.au

Phone: +61-7-3365 2709

Selected Publications:

(for a complete list of see ResearcherID)


Clive McAlpine, C., Catterall, C.P., Mac Nally, R., Lindenmayer, D., Reid, J.L., Holl, K.D., Bennett, A.F., Runting, R.K., Wilson, K., Hobbs, R., Seabrook, L., Cunningham, S., Moilanen, A., Maron, M., Shoo, L., Lunt, I., Vesk, P., Rumpff, L., Martin, T.G., Thomson, J., Possingham, H. (2016). Integrating plant- and animal-based perspectives for more effective restoration of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 14, 37-45 [doi:10.1002/16-0108.1].

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Commentary (Editorial Material, Letters, Book Reviews)

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Conference papers

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Book chapters

Williams, S.E., Isaac, J.L., Shoo, L.P. (2008). The impact of climate change on the biodiversity and ecosystem functions of the wet tropics. In: Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape (eds. N. Stork, S. Turton), pp. 282-294. Blackwell Publishing, Australia.

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Other publications

Shoo, L.P. Allocating funds among restoration actions. (2015). Decision Point 86, 15.

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Data sets

Catterall, C., Shoo, L. Freebody, K., Kanowski, J. (2015) Developmental trajectories of forest recovery from passive regrowth and active planting on the Atherton uplands derived from chronosequence data (NERP TE 12.2, GU and UQ) [Dataset]. Griffith University, University of Queensland [producer]. e-Atlas [distributor]. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/ [license]. Available from http://eatlas.org.au/data/uuid/bc77b7f1-5826-415e-90cc-58855da2d4de

Catterall, C., Freebody, K., Shoo, L. (2012). Aerial photo mosaic of Atherton Tablelands in June 1978 (NERP TE 12.2, Griffith, source: DERM) [Dataset]. Griffith University, Atherton Tablelands Geographical Information Services, University of Queensland [producer]. e-Atlas [distributor]. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/au/ [license]. Available from http://e-atlas.org.au/data/uuid/ce9d3908-9e7f-487d-9b58-bab5f2dfaff7

Funded projects

2011-2014: Catterall, C., Shoo, L.P. (joint lead CI) Harnessing natural regeneration for cost-effective rainforest restoration (NERP – $342,000)

2011-2013:  Welbergen, J., Williams, S.E., Shoo, L.P., VanDerWal, J. Global climate change and the impacts of temperature extremes on terrestrial biodiversity (ARC Discovery  – $380,000).