Mallory Wilson

Mallory was an Honours student working under the supervision of Professor Kerrie Wilson and Dr Hawthorne Beyer. She completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology and Ecology at UQ in 2015 and has since become a qualified veterinary nurse. Mallory also volunteered in a wildlife rescue centre in Indonesia, which reignited her passion to work in conservation at a level where she can create change before wildlife end up in these dire situations.

Mallory’s project provided a unique opportunity to combine her interests in ecological research and veterinary medicine to contribute to wildlife conservation. Her project investigated the health and fitness effects of Chlamydial infection in koalas and the conservation implications. Chlamydia has existed in koala populations for several decades, and has been suggested as a threat to their survival, however a mechanistic understanding between infection, fitness, and population dynamics is lacking. Mallory aims to achieve this understanding using veterinary records from a longitudinal study carried out on a population in Moreton Bay by Endeavour Veterinary Ecology group. Ultimately, a greater understanding of the disease could then allow for better conservation decision-making in regards to disease management.