Andrea Fullagar

Andrea has completed her Honours project within the Spatial Ecology Lab, where she investigated how to prioritise ecological restoration for a 250,000 hectare area in south-west Western Australia.

Gondwana Link is one of the most ambitious restoration projects of its kind in Australia and aims to revegetate 1000 square kilometres of land across the south-west coast of Western Australia. Andrea’s study area was the ‘Fitz-Stirling’, located between the Stirling Ranges and the Fitzgerald River National Park, which had been extensively cleared for agriculture.  She applied Marxan, a reserve-selection software developed by The Ecology Centre at the University of Queensland, to prioritise where restoration could be allocated given different budget scenarios. The aim of her project was to provide a more strategic and cost-effective approach to landscape management to assist Gondwana Link in making revegetation decisions in the Fitz-Stirling, by mapping potential restoration pathways that achieve set targets for different vegetation associations.

Honours student, University of Queensland, July 2009 – May 2010, jointly supervised with Prof. Hugh Possingham

Research Assistant, 2010


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