Josie Carwardine

Josie is interested in decision making for the assessment, protection and management of biodiversity and natural systems, and on how these decisions relate to human wellbeing. Her PhD focused on cost-effective systematic conservation planning, and was jointly supervised by Hugh Possingham and Kerrie Wilson at the University of Queensland, and Stefan Hajkowicz at CSIRO. Her research covered a range of case studies – a global study for terrestrial mammal priority areas, an Australia-wide assessment of priorities for protected areas and stewardship programs, and an analysis of the uncertainty in socio-economic data used in conservation planning.

Josie took up a postdoctoral research fellowship with CSIRO in late 2009 researching the implications of a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme on biodiversity, livelihoods and production in Australia to identify how carbon mitigation strategies can provide maximum benefits and minimal perverse outcomes to these multiple objectives. Where possible Josie likes to carry out research in close collaboration with NGO’s and government agencies to enhance its applicability to the real world.

PhD Candidate, University of Queensland and CSIRO, January 2006-November 2009




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