Moreno di Marco

Moreno’s research interests involves mammal conservation and management. He studied the Ecology and Population dynamics of Appennine’ s brown bear (Central Italy, Ursus arctos marsicanus) and Appennines’ s small rodents  (wood mouse and yellow-necked mouse).

Moreno was a PhD student in the Prof L. Boitani and Dr. C. Rondinini’ s lab in Rome. His PhD topics involved describing global pattern in mammals distribution and investigating a conservation strategy for mammals using the GMA data-bank (Global Mammal Assessment, IUCN RedList). He was participating in the analyses for GMA data  description and presentation.

In 2010 Moreno was visiting the Spatial Ecology Lab at the University of Queensland to work with Dr. Kerrie Wilson and Prof. Hugh Possingham to learn about conservation prioritization techniques and utilize them within a conservation planning framework for mammals at a global scale.

PhD candidate, The University Sapienza of Rome, visiting from March to November 2010