PhD candidate

Moreno’s research interests involves mammal conservation and management. He studied the Ecology and Population dynamics of Appennine’ s brown bear (Central Italy, Ursus arctos marsicanus) and Appennines’ s small rodents  (wood mouse and yellow-necked mouse). He was a PhD student in the Prof L. Boitani and Dr. C. Rondinini’ s lab in Rome. His PhD topics involve describing global pattern in mammals distribution and investigating a conservation strategy for mammals using the GMA data-bank (Global Mammal Assessment, IUCN RedList). At present I am participating in the analyses for GMA data  description and presentation. In 2010 I am visiting the Spatial Ecology Lab at UQ to work with Dr. Kerrie Wilson and Prof. Hugh Possingham, in order to learn about conservation prioritization techniques and utilize them within a conservation planning framework for mammals at a global scale.

University of Queensland, visiting from March to November 2010