Nancy Auerbach

Nancy is interested in research that informs threatened species management and decision-making.  Her research included evaluating the spatial distribution of threats to endangered flora and fauna, based upon species distribution models.  At a regional scale, the research explored whether investing in additional modelling for the purpose of assessing threats to species is warranted, given the urgent need for action to stem biodiversity loss.  Nancy also examined the spatial prioritisation of costs and benefits of threat management, as well as the current state of threatened species prioritisation in Australia at the commonwealth and state levels.

Prior to commencing her PhD research, Nancy taught Geographic Information Systems and was awarded GIS-Asia Pacific professional certification.  Concurrently, she provided spatial database support to the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management Enterprise Data Systems Group.

Previous research was conducted at the National Geophysical Data Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research in the USA.

PhD candidate, University of Queensland, 2012- June 2015

MBSc, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA


Select Publications

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