Ya-Ling Chang

Ya-Ling ChangIn her honours project, Ya-Ling reviewed the literature on quantified values of forest focusing on village income studies in Borneo, Indonesia. This work aimed to set foundation for further discussion of hydrology values in Borneo. Her research project was supervised by Dr. Kerrie Wilson and Dr. Erik Meijaard.

Ya-Ling is interested in conservation management and ecology study. She used to work in benthic ecology lab as research assistant. Her job in the lab formed part of the river conservation project in Taiwan which studied coastal ecosystems involving evaluation of ecosystem services, food web (energy flow) and sediment analysis. Ya-Ling plans to focus on studies of ecosystem services using GIS method to solve environmental problem in conservation management.

Master of Environmental Management (Conservation Biology), University of Queensland, 2012 – 2013

B.S., National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, 2007 – 2011

Email: yaling.chang@uq.net.au

Conference Presentations

Li, J.-J., Chang, Y.-L., Huang, J.-F. (2012). Six new reports of Sesarmid crabs from Taiwan, including a new species of Parasesarma De Man, 1895 (Decapoda: Brachyura: Sesarmidae). The 4th International Symposium for Marine Biology and Biotechnology. Poster presentation

Chang, Y.-L., Tsai, P.-C., Chen, C.-P., Hsieh, H.-L. (2012) The population structure of crab Ilyoplax formosensis in Huajiang wetland. Taiwan Wetland Society Conference. Proceedings of the 3nd conference. Poster presentation

Chen, C.-P., Hsieh, H.-L., Chen, T.-H., Chang, Y.-L. (2011) The development of wetland in Academia Sinica. Taiwan Wetland Society Conference. Proceedings of the 2nd conference. pp. 92-98

Chang, Y.-L., Chen, I.-M. (2010) How does Barnacle eat? Water flow, temperature and cirri. Annual Meeting of the Fisheries Society of Taiwan. Poster presentation