Reef conservation in the face of complexity and uncertainty

Climate change is threatening tropical coral reef ecosystems. While conventional management systems are essential, new interventions are required to sustain coral reefs. Our paper published in PLOS ONE proposes that proactive research and development to expand the reef management toolbox fast but safely is now urgently needed. We argue that such toolbox presents at least three core challenges: (1) framing the problem and setting the right objectives, (2) managing risks and uncertainties given the urgency, and (3) assessing and making necessary trade-offs.

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Read the article: Anthony, K.R.N, Helmstedt K.J., Bay, L.K., Fidelman, P., Hussey, K.E., Lundgren, P., Mead, D., McLeod, I.M., Mumby, P.J., Newlands, M. Schaffelke, B., Wilson, K.A. and Hardisty, P.E. 2020. Interventions to help coral reefs under global change—A complex decision challenge. PLoS ONE 15(8): e0236399.