Sugeng Budiharta

In his PhD project Sugeng developed novel frameworks on how decision science could be utilised to guide the restoration of degraded landscapes to enhance the delivery of ecosystem services.  The project was jointly supervised by Assoc. Prof. Kerrie Wilson, Professor Hugh Possingham, Dr. Peter Erskine and Dr. Erik Meijaard.

The roles of tropical forest in the context of ecosystem services are extraordinary, from simply providing medicinal plants for local uses to supplying valuable timber for global markets, harbouring rich biological diversity, and storing and sequestering a large amount of carbon. However, previous human activities have been responsible for the loss and deterioration of such services, jeopardising current and future generations to benefit from them. Restoration is one option to reverse this adverse trend. Despite the rapidly growing studies in conservation spatial planning, there is a limited knowledge about how and where it is best to restore degraded landscapes to support ecosystem services. This knowledge gap is more prevalent in tropical regions, where deterioration of ecosystem services is occurring at an alarming rate.

After completion Sugeng became a senior researcher with LIPI, Indoneisa. He continues to collaborate with the lab through ongoing research projects on forest management.


PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland, 2012 – 2016

Masters, The University of Queensland, July 2008-July 2009

Themes and Projects

Restoration prioritisation

Borneo project


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